Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.

-Yousuf Karsh


Oh hey there! Hello! Welcome to my page for photographers! 

I like to give back to the community. When I started my business I had a hard time finding photographers willing to help me or answer my questions. I fumbled my way through my first two years shooting portraits and weddings and now have created industry colleagues and friends I can rely on for support and bounce ideas off of and work with. Because of my struggles in the beginning, I swore I would always help those who were interested in learning photographer, but not sure where to start. I know it isn’t always easy to reach out to other photographers and that’s one of the main reasons I’m so passionate about offering this mentoring program to others.

Photography is a competitive industry, yes, but it doesn’t have to be and I am a huge advocate for community over competition. This is why I have no issues with sharing what I’ve learned over the past couple years in order to move this beautiful industry forward as a whole!

One on One Mentoring Sessions

BASIC // 150+tax

+ 1 hr one-on-one coffee or FaceTime/screen share date
+ Q&A style

The basic session is a Q&A style where we will tailor your session around what you want to learn about. Topics for Q&A can range from everything including how to turn on your camera, my personal camera & lens advice, the business side of things, editing, posing and directing, social media, branding/marketing, how to creatively photograph landscape and wildlife, attracting your ideal client, website/portfolio review, you name it! This session is perfect for beginner photographers who are interested in  This session is ideal for out of town photographers, beginners, and those wanting to focus on either editing or other specific areas relating to photography.

COMPLETE // 300+tax

+ 3 hour one-on-one session
+ Full live session
+ Q&A style

The complete session includes everything in the basic session, except we take it a few steps further! Depending on your needs, we’ll either go for a photowalk in a nature area or in an urban area; or if you're more interested in portraits than we will use a real couple as models and we will go through the entire session process! We’ll start with coffee or a beer, chat for a bit, then head to our session. After the session, we’ll grab more coffee or beer (pick your poison!), and go over editing and more Q&A! This session is ideal for local photographers who are comfortable shooting in manual mode - for the most part, photographers who want to focus on posing and directing and/or editing, and experienced photographers who are interested in improving their skills overall.

Want to learn more about which mentoring session would benefit you best? Send me a message and we can schedule a super casual coffee to meet and discuss your goals for photography and go over a plan together! 

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Photography Positions

So you've done a (or multiple!) mentoring session with me and now fancy the idea of becoming a professional photographer? Let's take this a step further!!! The following are paid positions HCP offers, for real clients, in real world studio and wedding situations. 

Assistant Positions

From studio sessions to weddings, your role would include being able to carry gear, assist with lighting, strobes, reflectors, ext… assist with grouping people together, making sure I remember to drink water and possibly assisting with the driving to and from locations, when I have sessions or weddings out of town. No photography experience is necessary, however if you are interested in photography this would be a great opportunity for you to see some behind the scenes magic of what it’s like to be a professional photographer and understand a better working of the flow of weddings!

Second Shooter Positions

Many of my couples request second shooters for their wedding days to better document their special day. A wise investment! Although I do take open applications for second shooting positions, I will only hire those that are motivated and professional photographer (not a student who is learning or someone who has never/rarely shot weddings before). If you believe you qualify for a second shooting position with HCP, please fill out the form below. 

Interested in one of these positions? I would love to schedule a casual interview/ meet and greet over coffee! Studio sessions and weddings are often longs days and as these are my clients, I want to make sure we are copacetic and you can be reliable and professional when needed. 

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